Prevent Chafing This Summer With HappySacs

Ah, summer. Time to get outside, get active, and endure the unbearable chafing that will inevitably follow. Your chafing can range from light to severe depending on how active you are and what type of underwear you're used to wearing. If you're an athlete, you probably endure chafing that is close to unbearable and can take forever to go away. Even if you aren't an athlete, just walking around in the heat of the day can be enough to make you uncomfortable, especially if you're walking around in tightie whities that restrict your balls and keep them sweaty and gross all day long.

You can readjust your tie all you want during long, hot summer days. Your balls -- not so much.

Chances are, if you ask your doctor for help he will just tell you to either stop sweating (as if that's actually within your control) or to apply vaseline and/or powders to your balls before you leave the house and after showering at night. And let's face it, even if applying powder to your chafed balls didn't feel like you were setting them on fire, the fix is temporary at best and does nothing to prevent or treat long-term chafing. 

The best way to deal with chafing is to prevent it from happening in the first place. But how can you do that? Well, you could stay away from doing activities that lead to sweating, but that would rule out pretty much everything fun and even the not so fun aspects that are just a part of daily life such as moving and going outside for periods of time. You could also apply powder before leaving the house, but really, who wants to powder their balls every day? It's not only a pain, it can also leave an awkward, powdery trail on your pants throughout the day, which is a sure way to never date again.

If you're sick and tired of enduring unbearable chafing all summer long, you aren't alone. We're fed up too, which is why we designed the revolutionary product HappySacs. A lot of men don't want to talk about their balls, but our product really does solve the problem that men around the country deal with on a daily basis. We believe that there's no reason to choose between painful chafing and uncomfortable and creepy readjustments all day long.

Getting interested? Here are some ways that HappySacs will prevent chafing this summer and all year long:

  • Moisture Wicking Material: Unlike traditional briefs or boxers which are made out of cotton or silk, the HappySac is made from a lightweight, breathable material that lets your boys breathe instead of suffocating them all day long. Part of preventing chafing on any part of your body comes from wearing moisture-wicking material, and the material that comprises the HappySac will keep sweat away from your boys all together. 
  • Stays in place: Part of the chafing that occurs on your boys comes from your constant readjustments. Every time you shift your briefs to get comfortable, you rub that material on your balls, which in turn leads to chafing. The comfortable elastic band on the HappySac ensures that it stays in place all day long, no awkward or creepy adjusting needed. The simple elastic band is light enough to make you forget you're even wearing anything down there, while keeping your balls protected and chafe-free all day long.
  • Cool off: For the ultimate in ball luxury, try our ColdSac. The ColdSac is designed to reduce the temperature down there by up to 6 degrees Fahrenheit. Cooler temperatures mean less sweat, which means no chafing. We highly recommend the ColdSac for those times when you know you'll be sweating all day long.

We're excited to help men everywhere end the constant discomfort that comes from ball chafing, and we want you to join the revolution. Order your HappySac today or contact us for more information.

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