Tips to prevent chafing in the inner thigh region

If you are an exercise enthusiast, or if you are overweight, or if you are simply a man you must have experienced skin chafing on your inner thigh region along with chafing balls. It is annoying, painful and can be an absolute agony if it comes up on an important day.

Chafing occurs when your skin becomes sweaty and constantly keeps rubbing with other parts of your body. It can occur anywhere but underarms, thighs and groin areas are particularly vulnerable. This is the reason why we invented HappySacs in the first place, to help rid our friends of sweaty crotches and chafing balls.

If you are currently dealing with chafing balls, don’t forget to check out our revolutionary product, and read on to learn a few simple ways to prevent it:

Keep Yourself Dry

One of the simplest ways to make sure that you steer clear of chafing skin is by keeping yourself dry. Wet skin can make chafing worse; to the point where it turns into a
dangerous rash. After you shower, and before you head out make sure that all hidden regions of your body are dry and properly covered with talcum powder. Talc powders can help wick the moisture away. Remember not to stay in sweaty or wet clothes for long.

Lubricate Susceptible Regions Of Your Body

Apply a layer of petroleum jelly to hot spots. It is inexpensive, widely available and helps reduce friction between skin surfaces almost instantly. You may need to try a few brands of petroleum jelly first to be sure what works for you. Remember not to overdo it as it might backfire. Petroleum jelly also makes your skin softer, making it prone to more chafing over prolonged use.

Dress For Your Balls

If you really want to avoid chafing balls, dress the way. Put on appropriately fitting moisture repelling clothes that reduce friction. Check out the line of synthetic fiber garments to find something that works. If you are dressing for exercise make this a rule of thumb – less is more. In addition to this, do remember to check out HappySacs. We design them using high-performance fibers and a loose fitting elastic band so that you stay comfortable throughout the day.

A major aspect to avoiding ball chafing is dressing right. Be careful of what material surrounds your balls. Click here to place your order for your very own HappySac.

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