Stop Chafing with the Happy Sac

Some tough guys will try to grin and bear it when it comes to chafed balls. This is a pretty silly mistake: there are a wide range of reasons you need to stop chafing in your balls as quickly as possible.

HappySacs block sweat and chafing during exercise like a goalie for your balls


First of all, it's not exactly a healthy habit. While ball chafing can't be considered a serious medical ailment, it can be considered a serious pain in the butt. It causes a wide range of annoying and painful symptoms, including:

  • Dryness
  • Excessive itching
  • Constant pain
  • Peeling skin
  • Redness
  • Cracks in the skin that can bleed

That's right: ball chafing can actually cause the most delicate and private  areas of your body to shed blood. If that isn't enough reason to try to stop chafing, what is? After all, you only got one set of balls and you need to treat them with care, respect, and love.

What exactly causes chafing? Basically, any activity that causes the skin of your balls to rub up against a rough surface. We're not talking "sandpaper" rough, here. Any kind of firm material can cause chafing: even the cloth of your underwear or the hairs on your leg will do.

Generally speaking, ball chafing is most often caused by athletic activity and sweating. When you exercise, you sweat. This sweat gets trapped close to your skin. Then when you exercise, your balls rub up against the sweat and your clothes and cause chafing.

Other common causes of ball chafing include:

  • Intercourse
  • Obesity
  • Excessive genital shaving
  • Riding horses or motorcycles

So how can you keep that sweat away from your body? You could always go commando, but that leaves your two best friends rather defenseless. Just imagine playing handball without any support. You might prevent chafing and sweating, but you'll probably end up with a bruised set of balls. And that's no tradeoff!

How can you stop your balls from getting chafed? Some people will treat the chafing after the fact by washing it off and applying a soothing ointment directly to the skin. This is a pretty solid treatment plan, as long as you cut out all physical activity until it heals.

However, there's no reason you even have to get chafed balls in the first place! Preventing the raw skin that comes with chafing is as simple as ordering a "Happy Sac." This little fellow is nothing more or less than a simple sack that you fit over top of your balls whenever you exercise.

The "Happy Sac" is made of a light-weight sweat wicking material that helps eliminate sweat from your nether areas. Contrast this with cotton or silk underwear. When that material gets soaked with sweat, it traps it against your skin and forces chafing.

Thankfully, the "Happy Sac" does no such thing. Instead, it keeps your balls free from chafing by letting them breathe and promoting sweat evaporation. This leads to cool, sweat-free balls that are in no danger of chafing.

In fact, if you actually want to physically cool your pals during the hottest months of the summer, you can order a "Cold Sac." For just three extra dollars, you get a snug and comfortable cover that actually decreases ball temperature by 6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Best of all, the "Happy Sac" will keep your fellas comfortably in place while you exercise. No more painful banging or rubbing against your leg when you're just starting to get into the best part of your routine.

So if you're interested in stopping your ball chafing for good, contact us as soon as possible and order a "Happy Sac." You won't ever have to live through the annoyance and indignities of chafed balls ever again.

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