Bat Wings: What They Are and How to Avoid Them

Bat wings. Someone had to say it. If you're a fellow who's ever experienced the unpleasant phenomenon of bat wings, you may be wondering how to avoid such an occurrence in the future. Maybe that's how you found this blog.

We have balls, too, and ours were sticking like bat wings to our legs. We solved the age-old man problem.

If you're a female reading this, you probably have no clue what we're talking about. That's alright. You don't need to know. Still, there's a good chance that your boyfriend or husband knows exactly what bat wings are, and he'd love it if you helped him get rid of them. Present your special sweetie with a gift of HappySacs, and their oh-so-evident delight will require no explanation at all.

HappySacs work effectively with boxers, briefs or nothing at all. All you have to do is be honest when selecting your size, and your HappySac will gently hold your goods without sliding off. Sizes, by the way, are Modest Man, Practical Man and the Bragger.

Seeing as how our product is brand new, and most of our customers have had no reason to measure their scrotal situation prior to ordering HappySacs, we are offering a no-hassle return policy on all first-time orders. If your HappySac does not fit, you may ship it back for exchange at no additional cost to you. We cannot resell returned products, so this free return offer will only be available for a limited time.

HappySacs are nicely constructed, one-piece ball bags made of materials that allow a man's nether regions to breathe. There are no scary zippers or frustrating buttons to deal with. Just gently squish your sack into the sac, and the elasticized HappySac will do the rest. For extra stay-dry power, you may wish to sprinkle the inside of your HappySac with baby powder or unscented corn starch prior to application.

HappySacs eliminate the need for frequent ball rearrangement. You know what we mean, guys. How many times in a typical day do you feel the need to shift your stuff inside your pants? Many of our customers tell us that HappySacs save them from at least a dozen ball-shifts daily.

Reading this in the summertime? Do you live in a tropical climate? Do you work in a hot environment? Are you a sportsman or athlete? If any of these things is true, you'll definitely want to know about HappySacs ColdSac products. Available in the same three sizes as classic HappySacs, ColdSacs can reduce testicular temperature by up to six degrees Fahrenheit. On a hot day, a difference of six degrees can mean quite a lot, as far as male comfort is concerned.

Why did we invent the HappySacs scrotal comfort system? Easy. We have balls, too, and ours were sticking like bat wings to our legs. We saw a serious need, and we dedicated ourselves to solving an age-old male problem. The resulting product is as simple as can be, and entirely revolutionary, as well.

If you've read this far, and you still have no idea what “bat wings” are, here you go. A brief explanation: Bat wings happen when a guy's scrotum hangs low and loose and adheres itself to one or both thighs. The bat wing effect can be achieved by pulling and stretching the scrotal skin, but why would anyone want to do that? The point of this brief blog is that bat wings are not a lot of fun, and our product offers an easy and effective way for men to avoid them.

We are HappySacs, and we are all about keeping scrotums healthy, hoisted and unstuck. To know more about bat wings and how to avoid them, contact us at your earliest convenience.

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