The Jock Itch Sitch

Jock Sweat

Got sweaty balls? We all know about the awful effects of jock sweat that leads to the unbearable jock itch. Jock itch is a very common problem among men, especially overweight men. It is caused by fungi that live on your skin, generally dormant, are exposed to prolonged moisture. If you don’t wash yourself after a long workout, or a day of running around at work, the heat and moisture allow the fungi to duplicate. Too much fungi causes your jock itch.

How Do I Know If I Have Jock Itch?

Jock sweat leads to jock itch. It forms a red, flakey rash in the groin area that can extend out to the abdomen and buttock area. It remits a burning sensation and persistently itchy, hence the name. The rash will worsen with lots of activity.

Prevent Jock Itch

One step towards the fight against jock sweat and itch is good hygiene. Be sure to wash your legs, groin area, and buttox to keep your body fresh. Clean and dry skin prevents jock itch. Trimming your pubic area also helps in the battle of the jock sweat because it allows more breathability since hair locks in heat. Another good remedy is wearing loose fitting clothing and we recommend cotton underwear. Breathable fabrics make it easier to get air flow down there and can prevent excess sweating. You know what else is breathable? The Happy Sac! Keep your ball sack dry and itch free with the original or cold Happy Sac!

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