The Amazing HappySac Multi-Tool

Men's multi-tool

We’ve detailed again and again the pitfalls of men’s traditional boxers, briefs & tighty-wighties here at HappySacs. We’ve also told you all the great stuff a HappySac does. However, it has recently come to our attention that our product has been known to be a bit of a unitasker. While keeping the family jewels secure, cool, dry, and comfy is nice and all, nobody likes a unitasker. So we put our best minds on the task of uncovering less traditional uses for HappySacs.

-Coin Purse: Not just for your coin purse and cash wad, your HappySac can also be used as a coin purse.

-Light Bulb Changing Aid: Gone are the days of having to wait for the light bulb to cool before changing it.  You don’t wait for your pizza to cool, do you? Of course not.  Nothing says manly pizza eating experience like getting third-degree burns in your mouth via liquid lava pizza sauce. Why should you wait for a light bulb to cool before changing it? Nothing says manly light bulb changing experience like twisting that SOB out of its socket and jamming a new one in while it’s still the same relative temperature as the sun.

-Stuff It with Your Junk: You can stuff your HappySac with your junk or you can use it to carry around those bits and bobs that you just never know when and where you’ll need it; paper clips, those twisty tie things, random bolts, toothpicks, old straw wrappers, gum foil wrappers. A HappySac makes an ideal junk drawer on the go.   Women can keep their purses with all their useful pockets.  You now have a HappySac. Bring it, world.

-Fittens: Just like mittens only for your fist. Because you just never know when you might need to punch a snowman.

-Stick Shift Summer Guard: On a blisteringly hot summer day there are few things more miserable than hopping in your ride and realizing the gear shift is hotter than Hades. You can put up one of those foldy, foil things and toss a towel over the steering wheel but what to do about the four on the floor gear shift? Problem solved. Slip a HappySac on that knob and be cool. Literally.

-Nut Sack: HappySac, by design, is a perfect holder for your nuts.  Macadamia, Brazil, peanuts, walnuts & the rest all fit beautifully in your HappySac, making it a perfect nut transport container.

-Ball Sack: For the golf and ping pong enthusiasts, a HappySac is a perfect vessel for storing a pair of balls.  Also suitable for a single baseball or wiffle ball.

Of course we all know the best use of your HappySac is in your pants preventing bat wings, bro snow, pocket pool and swamp crotch.  Want to get your own version of the sexiest multi-tool ever produced? Order here!

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