Our Story / The HappySacs Story


It all started in the searing heat of a Texas summer…

Like so many men when the numbers rock 100, Christian was stricken with a severe case of – to put it delicately - testicular discomposure. No matter what he tried, nothing relieved his condition. Nada. Not even going commando (desperate times, desperate measures).

Unlike other men, Christian was a man of ideas. He started thinking. ‘What if one, single product relieved man’s chronic crotch conundrum?’ As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. In that moment, Christian had a spark of brilliance.

In that moment, HappySacs was born.

With the help of his wife Michelle, Christian now takes care of the crotch comfort of thousands of men around the world (not literally). Together, they spent countless hours developing their magnum opus.

The results? The perfect cure for your clammy cojones. 3 Sizes. Lightly elasticated. Breathable, high-performance fabric. Happysacs do just that – keep your boys blissfully happy and unhindered. Run. Dance. Skip. Jump. Men; do all of these things – you’re finally free.


The Products

The Happysac is simple. There’s something beautiful about this kind of simplicity. Hand-designed and manufactured from high-performance acrylic fabric, the Happysac is comfortable. Breathable. Ergonomic. Most importantly, it’s the finest remedy to ball discomfort in the world.


Our Thinking

Care – Our problem is your problem – that’s why we started HappySacs. We care about our products. Most importantly, we care about you – our customers.

Creativity – Constantly improving and adapting, the spirit of innovation is key to HappySac’s success, and providing you with products that rock.

Community – HappySacs is driven by you – the savvy, modern-day man with a problem to solve. That’s why we’ll go above and beyond to solve it.


The Dream Team

The seeds of HappySacs were planted when Michelle and Christian met in 9th grade. United by a shared passion for adventure, travel and creativity, they eventually married in 2007. HappySacs – inspired by the couple’s mutual love and men’s chronically sweaty balls – was born a few years later.



Graduating as a manufacturing engineer in 2012, Christian is constantly thinking and tinkering. Where people might see a faulty product or problem, Christian sees an opportunity and a solution. This has led to an uncontrollable obsession with design and technology that drives the continual evolution of HappySacs. Besides being the brainpower behind HappySacs, he’s also a proud husband and father of two.




With her bachelors in behavioural science, Michelle understands people. She knows what appeals to their unique needs and desires. Rooted in reality, her marketing savvy is an invaluable addition to HappySacs. Besides working with Christian, she loves rock climbing, mountain biking, travelling the world, and caring for her amazing family.


Say Hey

We’re a friendly bunch. Have a thought, suggestion, or want to say hey? Get in touch!