Man Problems

Men worldwide have suffered an unspoken scourge of discomfort for too long. We suffer from discomfort and pain in the nether regions. We suffer in silence. But a revolution is here. The advent of the Happy Sac rings in the first solution for a slew of jock-area problems out there. Here are a few of the problems we know all men out there occasionally experience in the day to day:

Jock Sweat & Overheating

It’s inevitable in the heat of summer... Jock sweat is an issue we’ve put up with for millennia. We overheat in the midst of sweltering days. We overheat while we’re out on the court or the field. We overheat while we’re on the job. Sure, it’s our sacks’ duty to sweat when things get hot; but with sweat comes discomfort and an overall gross feeling. Dodge the jock sweat. Air out with a Happy Sac.

Sack Itch

Scrotal itchiness is far too prevalent amongst us guys. Unless you’re clean-cut down there, nether hair can be a serious nuisance. It pokes and prods, and it keeps us scratching. And nobody wants to get caught scratching their nads. Throw on a Happy Sac, and enjoy sweet sack-and-leg separation and itch prevention.

The Sticky Sitch

With sweat comes stickiness. Air out your jock, and keep your skin from sticking, rubbing, or chafing. Because sticking, rubbing, and chafing can lead to...


Rashes are unbecoming to say the least. And they’re painful. Contracting a rash down there is embarrassing, especially when you and your sack are ready to shack up with a special someone. Eradicate stickiness, rubbing, and chafing that can lead to rashes. Pick up a handful of Happy Sacs. Join the revolution!