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The Jock Itch Sitch

Jock Sweat Got sweaty balls? We all know about the awful effects of jock sweat that leads to the unbearable jock itch. Jock itch is a very common problem among men, especially overweight men. It is caused by fungi that live on your skin, generally dormant, are exposed to prolonged moisture. If you don’t wash yourself after a long workout, or a day of running around at work, the heat and moisture allow the fungi to duplicate. Too much fungi causes your jock itch. How Do I Know If I Have Jock Itch? Jock sweat leads to jock itch. It forms a red, flakey rash in the groin area that can extend out to the abdomen and buttock area. It...

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Don't Suffer With Sweaty Balls All Summer - Do Something About It

Heat, humidity, and physical activity all contribute to sweaty balls during the summer months. Not only is the condition uncomfortable, it can cause embarrassing odors, rashes and lower sperm count and quality. A sweaty scrotum can lead to fungal infection too, which leads to more discomfort. So, what's a guy to do? Here are some of the best tips and remedies to help keep your balls cool, comfortable and sweat-free this summer. Loosen Up Those tight-fitting jeans and underwear your girlfriend or wife likes to see you in aren't doing your balls any favors. In fact, they're going to increase the temperature and humidity of your nether region and create a hot, sticky situation. Loose fitting clothing made of cotton...

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Welcome To HappySacs!

Sick of having itchy and sweaty balls? Welcome to HappySacs, home of your happy sack. At HappySacs we believe in a world of clean, dry, and itch free ballsacks. Our Happy Sacs are made of comfortable, breathable fabric that discards excess sweat, decreases jock itch, and prevents your balls from sticking to places they don’t belong. Never again will you deal with sweaty, smelly, sticky balls with help from your friends at HappySacs. We sell a variety of colors and offer both an original HappySac and the ColdSac. Both sacs are created with high quality fibers to prevent and ensure relief from the issue of the itchy ball sack. Never worry about getting caught scratching your balls in public again!...

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