An Ode to the Dance

It comes in all forms. Some of them are graceful, flowing and subtle. Most are slightly epileptic at best, moose mating trot at worst. Every possessor of huevos and bacon knows "The Crotch Dance;" That horribly awkward move you make in public desperately attempting to unstick your sweaty balls from your thigh, prevent the seam of your drawers from castrating you or remove your underwear from the dark, forbidden regions of your crack. 

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Why you should start paying more attention to cleaning and grooming your balls!

More than often, men get not-so-fresh down south. Sometimes, our groin areas may emanate an odour that is something far from pleasant. Let’s stop sugar coating it here and come right down to it – we are simply saying that some men’s balls can stink. If you are a man, you know this problem can be extremely embarrassing especially if you are in an intimate, long term relationship that may require putting your balls up for display every now and then.

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Tips to prevent chafing in the inner thigh region

If you are an exercise enthusiast, or if you are overweight, or if you are simply a man you must have experienced skin chafing on your inner thigh region along with chafing balls. It is annoying, painful and can be an absolute agony if it comes up on an important day.

Chafing occurs when your skin becomes sweaty and constantly keeps rubbing with other parts of your body. It can occur anywhere but underarms, thighs and groin areas are particularly vulnerable. This is the reason why we invented HappySacs in the first place, to help rid our friends of sweaty crotches and chafing balls.

If you are currently dealing with chafing balls, don’t forget to check out our revolutionary product, and read on to learn a few simple ways to prevent it:

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HappySacs Mean Happy Ladies Which Mean Really Happy Sacks

We've all been there. The sun has gone down and your company for the evening is definitely putting off all the signs that tonight is going to be a very good night. Maybe you took her to a nice dinner and a show. Perhaps danced. Perhaps you just hung out on the couch and binge-watched Gilmore Girls with her. (And by binge-watch we mean smile every time you felt her glance over at you.) No matter what led up to it, you are still lined up for an easy play into the goal zone. 

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Prevent Chafing This Summer With HappySacs

Ah, summer. Time to get outside, get active, and endure the unbearable chafing that will inevitably follow. Your chafing can range from light to severe depending on how active you are and what type of underwear you're used to wearing. If you're an athlete, you probably endure chafing that is close to unbearable and can take forever to go away. Even if you aren't an athlete, just walking around in the heat of the day can be enough to make you uncomfortable, especially if you're walking around in tightie whities that restrict your balls and keep them sweaty and gross all day long.

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